Höganäs AB

Höganäs AB is the world’s leading producer of metal powder and the main driver of the development of metal powder applications.


Metal powders from Höganäs AB are used in a wide spectrum of applications. They can be found in car connecting rods, gearboxes, wind turbine inductors and in food industry products like iron-fortified corn flakes. The largest customer segment is the automotive components industry. In 2016, Höganäs reported sales of SEK 7,265m and had 1,889 employees. 


Höganäs' origins can be traced back to 1797, when coalmining started in the village of Höganäs in southern Sweden. Coalmining, bricks and industrial ceramics have played important parts in the company's history, but today Höganäs focuses solely on metal powders. Ulf G. Lindén acquired shares in the company through the 1980s and became sole owner in 1987. 

Höganäs re-listed on the Stockholm stock exchange in 1994 but returned to private ownership in 2013 after Lindéngruppen and the Wallenberg foundations, through Foundation Asset Management (FAM), completed a joint takeover.


Lindéngruppen and FAM control 50% each of the shares in Höganäs. 

For more information please visit www.hoganas.com