Colart is the global leader in branded artists' colours and fine art materials. Colart’s portfolio includes three of the world’s top six artists’ colour brands and serves artists in more than 120 countries.


The portfolio includes Winsor & Newton, Lefranc & Bourgeois and Liquitex. Colart products are sold in more than 120 countries worldwide. In 2016, Colart reported sales of SEK 1,740m and had 1,290 employees in 11 countries.


Artists' colours have been part of AB Wilh. Becker's business since 1873. The company acquired Lefranc & Bourgeois in 1982, Winsor & Newton in 1990 and Liquitex in 2000. Colart was formed as a separate business area focused on artists' materials in 1992.


Colart is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Lindéngruppen, and headquartered in London, UK.

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